Open from April to Oct

Camping with Kids

We a kid-friendly site (we have 4 of our own) with plenty to keep them occupied. There’s trees to climb, dens to make and tyre swings in the trees.

Kids love our campsite. Maybe it’s the Suffolk countryside, the fields, small streams  to explore or the trees that fill our orchards. We don’t have a disco or  arcade games, we just have plenty of back to basic fun.

Get your children excited about camping with these fantastic books.

The Guardian has a great article reviewing books about Camping for children. Camping with kids can be fantastic fun and a memorable experience but sometimes children can have a different view of camping. As one parent states:

We are taking our young children camping this summer. They seem to think that tents always fall down and that they won’t be safe from creepy crawlies getting in too. Are there any books which show that camping can be fun?

Well, the Guardian has plenty of great book suggestions that will get your children excited about camping, whatever age they are. Just ask “What are the best children’s books on camping?“.

We are located in the heart of the Suffolk countryside within easy striking distance to the coast. Open from May to Oct we are located within 12 acres of a former apple orchard with several open meadows for families and small clearings within the orchard for more a peaceful camping experience. We have 2 hot showers, ladies and gents loos and a small washing up area housed in portable cabins for minimal impact on the beautiful location.

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